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BioTrust BellyTrim XP Review

A Supplement That Targets Belly Fat: Does It Work?

There are good fats and bad fats. Most people are now aware of this. What many do not seem to realize is that there are fats that actually help fight fat. BioTrust BellyTrim XP is a dietary supplement that is designed to fight belly fat by supplying your body with fat-fighting, healthy fats. But how does it work?

How BioTrust BellyTrim XP Works

The demonization of fats began with the traditional food pyramid, and has been going on for decades. This food pyramid put carbohydrates (aka carbs) at bottom, indicating that you needed more of these to be healthy. Fats were supposed to be bad guy you want to stay away from. But did this "healthy" diet work?

As a result of that erroneous food pyramid, people gouged themselves with grains, potatoes, and the like. It didn't help that most unhealthy temptation foods are based on carbohydrates. The result was bloated bellies despite "healthy" eating habits. This led to yet another problem.

You see, a diet high in carbohydrates causes an increase in blood sugar levels. As blood sugar rises, your pancreas releases insulin, which turns the sugar (glucose) into energy. However, excess glucose may be stored as fat.[1] And this is not all.

Eventually, the body may stop responding to insulin, a condition known as insulin resistance that can lead to type 2 diabetes.[2] This condition often results in accumulation of abdominal fat, which in turn contributes to insulin resistance and the cycle continues.

So, how does BioTrust BellyTrim XP work?

BellyTrim XP supplement offers is perhaps the most important fats that may improve your body's ability to burn fat.

Now, this does not mean that you can live an unhealthy lifestyle and depend on the supplement to do the work for you. But with a sensible diet and exercise, it could make it much easier for you to lose belly fat. What is this fat-fighting fat are we talking about?

Conjugated Linoleic Acid

Conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) is a mixture of chemical forms of linoleic acid, an essential fatty acid.[3] CLA has been linked to a number of health benefits including:

  • Reduced belly and body fat: CLA may reduce body fat in overweight and obese humans, according to study published in the Journal of Nutrition.[4] Of course, to lose belly fat you have to lose fat in general. Moreover, studies suggest CLA targets abdominal area and may help combat belly fat more directly.[5]
  • Increased lean mass: The same study mentioned above showed that people taking CLA gained more lean muscle tissue. This is the reason it is popular in the bodybuilding circles. Increased lean muscle mass in turn improves resting metabolism which can lead to increased fat burning.

Though available in food sources such as beef and dairy products, it is virtually impossible to get CLA in adequate amounts for weight loss. The only viable way to get it is through a dietary supplement.

BioTrust BellyTrim XP Ingredients And What Makes It Unique

While there are various supplements out there that contain CLA, there is more to it than the presence of an ingredient. For one, the quality of the main ingredient matters.

Secondly, the ingredient(s) will not do you much good if it is not in the right amounts or most of it is used in your body. You therefore need other ingredients that may help improve absorption and results. This is where BellyTrim XP differs from virtually all other CLA supplements on the market.

You see, BellyTrim XP contains CLA as well as pomegranate seed oil, also known as punicic acid. This is a powerful form of CLA shown to beneficial effects for the treatment of obesity, among other benefits.[6] The gives you a two-pronged may lead to accelerated fat loss as well as decreased fat storage.

To improve absorption, BellyTrim XP contains certified BioPerine®, which may help improve absorption by as much as 60%. This means that more of the active fat-fighting compounds get into your system.

BellyTrim XP supplies more than the scientifically effective 2 grams per day of conjugated linoleic acid (CLA). To get this from food, you would to eat copious amounts of foods that are "rich" in CLA. We are talking about, just for example, 12 pounds of beef per day!

BellyTrim XP Side Effects

Since BellyTrim XP is made from natural (food) sources, it can be used safely by most people. However if you have a known allergy to CLA or pomegranate, you may want to avoid the supplement. You should consult a healthcare professional before starting on BellyTrim XP if you are pregnant, nursing or have a known health condition.

Does It Work?

With two powerful fat-fighting ingredients work synergistically, BellyTrim XP is a supplement worth trying if you have been struggling with weight loss and especially losing belly fat.

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