Monday, April 22, 2013

Leptin Supplements and Fat Loss

Why  It Is So Hard To Lose Weight When Dieting

When it comes to weight loss and transforming one's body - dieting at times can become very frustrating. Initially, many people who begin a dieting and exercise regimen experience great results until eventually they experience the dreadful "plateau".

Many individuals employ different dieting strategies, try different workout routines, and unfortunately waste money on fat loss supplements to break out of their plateau. However, what most people fail to realize is that the hormone leptin regulates fat loss and understanding its role in fat loss is key to shedding unwanted body fat.

What is Leptin?

Leptin is one of the most important hormones produced by your body's endocrine system. It is classified as an "adipose-derived" hormone and regulates important human bodily functions such as appetite, hunger and most importantly fat loss. Leptin is found primarily in the fat cells of white adipose tissue. Leptin is also found circulating in brown fat tissue, the placenta, ovaries, muscle, stomach, bone marrow, liver and pituitary gland.

Leptin and Fat Loss

When individuals begin dieting and exercising, leptin directs the body to use body fat reserves as a fuel source in place of calories derived from food consumption. Once leptin becomes depleted, usually after seven consecutive days of calorie-restricted dieting - individuals will begin to see a plateau in fat loss. Depletion of leptin signals the brain to hinder the utilization of body fat for energy. This is dominant reason why individuals experience a plateau in their weight loss efforts.

Supplements to decrease Leptin Resistance

When individuals begin to experience a plateau in their weight loss efforts, many are often told to : increase the intensity of their exercise routines, start taking various fat burners, and or change dieting strategies. However, what most personal trainers, fitness coaches, nutritionists and others fail to recognize is that leptin plays a powerful role in fat loss. If an individual has been consistently dieting for some time, their body will become increasingly insensitive to leptin. The body will learn how to adapt to a calorie-restricted diet and will make the necessary metabolic adjustments in order to prevent further fat loss. It will become an utmost necessity to begin researching various leptin supplements and begin incorporating them into one's diet in order to improve leptin sensitivity and break out of a frustrating fat loss plateau.

Ingredients within Leptin Supplements

Leptiburn leptin supplement

There are a variety of leptin supplements on the market, however BioTrust Nutrition's Leptiburn supplement contains the right combination of ingredients in order to improve the body's ability to process leptin, delivering excellent fat loss results. This product contains

  • Irvingia Gabonensis: a key ingredient that helps improve leptin sensitive by inhibiting the production of C-reactive protein (CRP).
  • Oleanolic Acid: a compound derived from olive tree leaves that aids in the healthy production of leptin.
  • Modifilan: a powerful ingredient found in seaweed that stimulates the adrenals to increase the production of Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (TSH). Increased stimulation and production of TSH leads to greater production of leptin in adipose tissue.

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