Tuesday, June 26, 2012

A Brief Look At The Benefits Of Whey Protein

If you are just starting out in bodybuilding, then you probably already noticed the huge array of supplements available to help you build “big-bulk” muscle. One of the most popular supplements out there on the market is whey protein. Here we are going to talk about what whey protein actually is and also the benefits you can expect from taking this as a supplement.

So what is Whey protein?

Whey protein has the highest amount of something known as “branched-chain amino acids” when compared to other natural foods available. It is actually a by-product that is formed during the production of cheese.

After we have had a vigorous workout, health experts recommend that you should replenish your system with calories. If we fail to do this, a hormone known as cortisol builds up in our system; this is actually a stress hormone which causes the muscle growth to shut down. Rather than tucking into a high calorie pizza for example, whey protein provides you with all the calories you need but your body digests whey protein much quicker than solid foods.

A Good Start To The Day?

You can take whey protein after workouts or first thing in the morning alongside your breakfast. This gives bodybuilders the extra boost they need during day.

Not only is this supplement good for bodybuilders but it also aids with weight loss. The one thing that will determine whether you lose weight or put on muscle is actually how you consume this product.

It also helps boost your immune system as it is high in the antioxidant “glutathione”. Antioxidants help fight free radicals which scientists and researchers today believe is one of the primary causes for premature aging.

Clinical studies

Numerous studies have been carried out on whey protein and how it affects the human body and its muscle mass. One particular study showed that bodybuilders, who were given one and a half grams of whey protein for 10 weeks, gained an extra 5 kg of muscle and shed one and a half kilograms of fat during this period. I’m sure you will agree that 5 kg of muscle in just 10 weeks time is very impressive indeed.

Are there any dangers?

Rather than talking about the benefits only, I think it is only fair to provide you with any possible dangers that this protein may have towards your health….

If you have an existing liver or kidney condition then consuming large amounts of whey protein may cause more damage to your health and your existing condition. Because both the liver and kidney process and metabolize proteins, consuming large amounts of this protein as a supplements can put stress on these organs.

Can’t stomach milk?

As mentioned earlier, this protein is a by-product of cheese. If you are lactose intolerant, then it is not recommended that you take this supplement. Also, if you are unsure about any allergies you may have towards dairy products then of course, consult with your doctor beforehand.

A final note

Although it is very low in fat and can help you build muscle mass, you should always take this supplement alongside a healthy diet for optimal results.

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