Saturday, May 26, 2012

Post Workout Supplements: Things You Should Know

The Truth About Post Workout Supplements

The effectiveness of your training will greatly depend on your diet. Your choice of supplement is crucial to your success. Taking post workout supplements is considered one of the critical steps toward muscle and strength building.

One of the considerations you should make concerning post workout supplements is affordability and safety. Affordability does not always equate to cheapness. As a customer you should regard affordability in terms of the helpful components and composition of a particular product.

A cheap item does not matter if it will not give you the kind of result you seek. Neither should you simply go for the most expensive product. You might end up paying for fancy packaging and not substance.

The level of safety on the other hand is something that a particular product will not include on its packaging or even on the brand's website. Therefore you should devote ample time to research on the product's safety quotient by reading supplements reviews online.

Why use both pre and post workout supplements?

To achieve the best result in terms of strength training, pre and post workout supplements consumption, it should be taken in adherence to a carefully laid out training plan.

Usually pre-workout supplements are used for added strength and endurance. These are made to give you more power, focus and endurance to get through intense workout sessions.

One should also take a post workout supplement or meal. The advantage of a post workout supplement over a meal is that a supplement is easy and quick make as well as consume. Most come in powder form and all you have to do is mix in water or other beverage. But why do you need a post workout supplement in the first place?

Well, your body has a heightened need and ability to utilize amino acids and other nutrients to recover from exercise.  It also helps prevent catabolism (breakdown) after your workout.  And no, this is not just within the first 45 minutes to an hour after your workout as is popularly believed. It can be up to four hours.

Pre and post work out supplement is the best way to maximize the effects of supplement usage. This method will help the body to get its needed fuel during both before and after exercise routines.

Post Workout Supplements Ingredients to Look For

All Natural Ingredients - One should choose post workout supplements that are free from synthetic ingredients. Synthetically manufactured ingredients could potentially cause various harms and illnesses to your body.

Steroids and prohormones free - The best post workout supplements should be effective enough even without the inclusion of steroid or prohormones, which can produce unwelcome physical side effects to its users.

Essential amino acids - These amino acids will facilitate optimum bodily functions and will help your system cope with the rigors and stresses caused by strength training and other intense exercise routines. Choosing post workout supplements rich in amino acids protects your body against catabolism (muscle breakdown).

Glutamine – This is one of the most underrated nutrients in bodybuilding and sports in general. But it is extremely important. Though your body does produce glutamine (an amino acid) naturally, it can be used up pretty fast during an intense workout. Glutamine supplementation can help avoid catabolism, speed up recovery, promote growth hormone production, and reduce muscle soreness.

The bottom line is that post workout supplements should be affordable, safe, and effective. Of course, going cheap is frequently a bad idea as quality products don't come cheap. Always go for popular and reputable brands as they will typically have better quality control.

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